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The future of bestofheroes

Although quarterturn and I really enjoyed doing this last year, our fannish interests have diverged and "real life" has taken over. Neither of us has any interest in running bestofheroes again.

That being said, we would both be thrilled if someone else wanted to take up the mantle, so to speak. Anyone interested in taking over bestofheroes for awards in 2008 and beyond is welcome to email me at hebrew [dot] hernia [at] gmail [dot] com.


Awards graphics

You are all welcome to heap abuse upon me, I richly deserve it considering how ridiculously belated these are. But here they are! They're fairly simple, and I know, considering how much time it took me to make them they should be works of art that can simultaneously rub your feet/cook your dinner/bear your children/cure cancer. They're not, but I do hope you enjoy them, and congratulations again!

If there are any mistakes, feel free to point them out and I'll fix them up today. I suggest you save the graphics to your own webspace/LJ space if you want to keep them or post them, as I'll probably be deleting them at some point in the future.

If you'd like the graphic to link to the story it was awarded for, use the following code:

andbless_mybabyCollapse )

dragonydreamsCollapse )

eonismCollapse )

eowyn_girlCollapse )

freetheelves2Collapse )

karrenia_runeCollapse )

kelly_girlCollapse )

kenzimoneCollapse )

quirkysmuseCollapse )

skripkaCollapse )

snowpuppiesCollapse )


Hey all, just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten about the awards for the winners, they're still in the works. I do not currently have access to my personal computer, so I have none of the programs/graphics/capabilities I need to complete them. I'm hoping I'll have it back up and running within a day or two, though. Thank you so much for your continued patience. :)

- Jess

Award graphics

First off, congratulations to all the winners! Monica did an amazing job seeing these awards through, and I'm just here to wrap them up. I'll be making award graphics for those of you who want them, so if you'd like one, just reply to this post and I'll try to have them finished by the end of the week. Those who received honorable mentions are also eligible, so feel free to request a graphic, too.

Again, congratulations, and we hope you all had fun! :)

- Jess

The votes are in!

Many, many votes were logged for many fics in many categories and the results are in!

And the winners are...Collapse )

Honorable mentions are awarded for the following stories. These stories were nominated in categories which were unable to be voted on because they received fewer than three fics nominated.

Honorable MentionsCollapse )

Congratulations to all of the nominees and winners! Thanks so much to everyone who participated! Hopefully these awards have made the hiatus more bearable! :-D


Hey, guys. I know you're probably anxious to see the winners-- and I'm anxious to post them! But I'm currently on vacation out of state, mooching off of someone else's wireless, and Jess is unavailable. I am doing my damnedest to finish the coding tonight so I can post the results, but I'm not on my wireless network and I don't know how long the signal will hold out. I will promise that if they aren't up tonight, they will be up sometime tomorrow. I'm really sorry for the delay.

Voting is now closed!

Voting for bestofheroes is now closed! Congratulations and good luck to all of the nominees. Winners and honorable mentions will be posted one week from today.

Nominees and Voting

The official nominees for bestofheroes are below the cut. Any category not having three different stories nominated was discarded. Any story nominated for a discarded category will be awarded an honorable mention in the winners' announcement.

NomineesCollapse )

Voting will be done by screened comments because including title, author, and link exceeds the maximum character limit for a poll choice. Please include all of your votes in one comment, vote for only one story per category, and include the full name of the story you are voting for and the category in which it belongs.

Voting will close July 23rd.


Last week, I incorrectly stated that voting would open today, July 2. That is incorrect; the dates on the community profile are correct. They are:

June 11 - June 25: Nominations
June 25 - July 9: Nominations will be collected and verified
July 9 - July 23: Voting
July 30: Winners will be announced

Sorry about that! Thanks to everyone who nominated!

Nominations Are Closed

Nominations for bestofheroes are officially closed. Nominees will be announced and voting will open one week from today, on Monday, July 2. Thanks to everyone who nominated!